Choosing the best shade of foundation is not as easy as it sounds, I’ve known numerous individuals, mostly girls, who spend hours and hours in the stores just to pick the best shade of foundation for them or if not, even the closest one possible but in the end most of the time they still choose the wrong color.

This is the reason why we have created for you a list of some tips which we consider helpful in choosing the best shade of foundation for your skin because we understand that make-ups have grown from an accessory to a necessity for both men and women nowadays. It is a fact that make-ups, such as foundation, have the ability to change not only your looks but as well as your personality as it gives you confidence by making you look pleasing. These along with others are the full picture which makes the act of choosing the best tone of foundation for your skin a significant thing.

Tips on choosing the best tone or shade for you

There are several considerations in choosing the best shade for you, they are:

The type of skin that you have

This is the basic and basis of the steps in finding your foundation shade. You need to determine what type of skin you have, whether it would be oily, dry, combination or normal.

How would I know my skin type?

Here is a simple way that would help you figure out your skin type:

  1. Wash your face with soap and water in the normal manner and please do not over wash.
  2. Wait for an hour for your facial skin to return to its normal state where you can discover your skin type. Please refrain from touching your face while waiting for you might need to wash it again to have a fresh start.
  3. Pat your face with a tissue focusing on the T-section of your face ( area of your fore head and nose)
  4. Know the classification of your skin type through the following:
    • Your skin type is normal when there is neither flaking skin nor oil on the tissue.
    • Your skin type is oily when there is an appearance of grease in the tissue.
    • Your skin is considered dry when there is an appearance of flaking skin.
    • Your skin is considered a combination when our skin is dry on other parts except the T-zone

The undertone of your skin

There are several ways on how would determine your skin tone, but one of the easiest is y asking a friend to check the skin at the back of your skin. Your skin tone is warm if the skin there is a bit yellowish, cool if its pink or rosy.

The type of coverage that you want and your skin tone.

These two are also a big consideration in choosing the right tone for your foundation. Coverage is usually sheer, medium or full depending on how much of your skin you would want to be shown through the foundation, while skin tone is either you are fair, moderately fair, deep, very deep or medium deep.

In a nutshell, here we have given you some tips which we do hope would be beneficial on your part in choosing the right tone of foundation for you. We hope that you will use these tips along with others so you will find it easier to find the tone that would suit you best for we believe that make ups doesn’t just change the appearance of the person but his personality as well for make-ups provide people the confidence the sometimes need in life.